In our Independent and Neutral state the care of health of the person is erected to the state level and always is in the attention centre. The government program "Health" developed and realised under a direct management of the dear President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedova, is entirely directed on protection and strengthening of health of the population of the country. In the Program the special place is taken away on Development of local pharmaceutical industry and use in its work of a local source of raw materials, to uninterrupted maintenance of the population and medical Establishments of the country non-polluting and competitive production of local manufacture. The medicinal industry of Turkmenistan, it is possible to tell, Has been based in the seventies last century. At this time the small shop on manufacture of several kinds of ointments, where has been based in due course Manufacture of various solutions and tablets has begun. Thus, present Pharmaceutical enterprise "Саглык" has been created. A maintenance question The population and medical institutions of the country finished pharmaceutical products in full degree always was the focus of attention. For the purpose of the decision of this point in question, According to the Decision of the President of Turkmenistan Turkmen State research-and-production association on November, 30th, 1990 has been created «Туркмендерман» which structure included Pharmaceutical enterprise "Саглык" and Agriculture "Brawler". At that time by association it was made Only 20 kinds of finished pharmaceutical products. Leaning against support of dear our President, according to the Government program "Health" the big work on improvement of work and increase in capacity in the operating pharmaceutical enterprises is carried out, To fruitful use of natural riches, industrial and manpower reserves, creation of modern manufacturing enterprises with use Innovative technologies. As a result of these works Turkmenderman Adzhanta Farma of Ltd. have been constructed and placed in operation in 1998 of Open Company «.» The joint The enterprise and in 1999 Pharmaceutical enterprise "Тенекар". The quantity and assortment of let out medical products have increased several times.

According to the Decision of the President of Turkmenistan №12548 from September, 14th, 2012 “About building of the pharmaceutical enterprises of the Ministry Public health services and the medical industry of Turkmenistan ”in 2013-2014 as a part of association 6 new enterprises are constructed and put in operation, Making finished pharmaceutical products and products of medical appointment. Now by association jurisdictional enterprises it is made More than 340 names of preparations the majority from which is included into number of insurance preparations and are realised to the population under preferential recipes. Medicinal Preparations of local manufacture on quality, safety and efficiency answer the highest world standards. The most part of work of association Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedova «Herbs of Turkmenistan» is based on scientifically-encyclopaedic work of the dear President of Turkmenistan. Acknowledgement to that is manufacture and realisation to the population of the country of 50 kinds of medicinal grasses growing in Turkmenistan and their gathering, and Also medical teas on their basis, a new medical product on the basis of a dry extract солодкового a root made at new factory (Capacity 1 000 тн a dry extract in a year), the name of S.A.Nijazova placed in operation as a part of Agriculture "Brawler".

Last years external and internal reconstruction of Pharmaceutical enterprise "Саглык", i.e. according to requirements is spent to To the pharmaceutical enterprises internal and external repair of a building of the enterprise is made, are completely updated industrial and auxiliary The equipment that has allowed to increase its capacities considerably. The new equipment established in таблеточном to shop, has allowed To increase volume of output and assortment of let out tablets and capsules, to finish to the world standards their quality and registration of external packings. New shops on manufacture 5 %-s' spirit solutions of iodine, sterile инъекционных disposable spirit napkins, medical teas in the disposable World standard packings, „Koрвалола“, a syrup солодкового a root, and also completely reconstructed таблеточный shop are capable smoothly To provide the population and medical institutions of the country with the production.

As a result of teamwork of experts of Open Company «Turkmenderman Adzhanta Farma of Ltd.» Joint venture, the State medical university Turkmenistan and National institute of medical products of Turkmenistan for the purpose of manufacture of medical products from local raw materials it is adjusted Manufacture of a dry extract солодкового a root in capsules also is offered to the population and country medical institutions. Also at joint venture The new equipment on packaging in aluminium packages of the various flavoured powders for adults and children, namely antibiotics is established, Febrifugal and anaesthetising preparations. In joint venture manufacture of only 100 names of various finished pharmaceutical products is mastered.

According to the Decision of the President of Turkmenistan for №11754 from 19.07.2011г. In Ashgabade it is constructed and in July 2013г. It is solemnly entered in Operation the Pharmaceutical enterprise for manufacture инфузионных the most quality solutions with capacity of 10 million Bottles in a year, then it has been united with Pharmaceutical enterprise "Тенекар". Industrial and enterprise auxiliaries It is made by the world famous companies of Germany, the USA, Sweden, Japan, Finland and other developed countries. Capacity of the enterprise 10 000 000 bottles in a year. Here 5 % and 10 % Glucose solutions, 0,9 % a solution of Sodium of chloride are made, the solution of Ringera, etc. Solutions are issued in полипропиленовых packings in volume of 250 ml and 500 ml.

Agriculture "Brawler" of a name of S.A.Nijazova is the unique enterprise in the country, making a root солодки and its products, And also exporting them in foreign countries. The complex has history of more than 100 years and it begins in the beginning of XX century.

The Dear President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov in the book “Türkmenistan – melhemler mekany” writes that “Mineral waters Turkmenistan an indivisible part of natural riches of the country ”. Now in territory of the country are known more than 20 sources with the medical Properties. One of very important from them is the source Berzengi which are in 7,5 km to the south беломраморной capitals of the country, in foothills Central Kopet Dagh. Water from this самотечного a source №1 from depth of 1 250 metres contains numerous useful minerals in the structure. The enterprise Mineral medicinal water "Berzengi" constructed on the given source and placed in operation in October, 2014, is capable to make 5,0 million Bottles aerated and not sparkling water in a year with volume 250 and 500 ml.

Among natural riches of Turkmenistan various kinds глин and sea salts with medical properties take a special place. Among them medical Properties of clay of lake Mollakara are known far outside of the country. Last years cosmetology properties volcanic глин have been studied, And also influence of sea salts on a human body also is established their wide favorable action on a skin. Being based on results of researches, For the purpose of creation for the population of the country of possibility of application of these medical means in house and stationary conditions, in settlement Dzhebel Balkan велаята the Factory on packing medical глин and sea salt has been constructed and placed in operation in October, 2014. It has capacity In 400 000 packings of finished goods in a year by 12 kinds, including 200 000 packings of medical clay of lake Mollakara, 100 000 packings of the volcanic Clay, 100 000 packings of sea salt. The industrial equipment is made in Turkey on the Italian technology by companies Elektromag, Usulpak and Setpak.

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