The state association «Turkmenhaly»

The state association «Turkmenhaly» is the main supplier of renowned Turkmen handmade pure-wool fleecy carpets from Turkmenistan to the world market.

The main activities of the association are production and sales of Turkmen carpets and carpet products, conservation of hand carpet making tradition, and regeneration of old carpet ornaments and products.

State association «Turkmenhaly» includes 10 enterprises of art carpet making and these enterprises have more than 100 carpet making sites and workshops located in all provinces of Turkmenistan. More than 5 thousand carpet-makers work in art carpet making enterprises.

Along with ornamental, plot carpets, portrait rugs, and souvenir items, classical models of Turkmen carpets are mainly produced in the carpet factories of the corporation. This is induced not only by the high demand for the carpets in internal and external markets, but first of all due to the fact that this is the great legacy of art culture of Turkmen nation.

The distinctive feature of Turkmen carpets is their amazing beauty and durability, which are built in the traditions of carpet quality. During the centuries-old history of its existence the carpet art has achieved high perfection and artistic expressiveness of patterns. The history of the origin of Turkmen nation, its philosophy and world – views are laid in the patterns of Turkmen carpets.

Based on the implementation technique and aesthetic content the Turkmen carpet belongs to antiques category. One of the main qualities of Turkmen carpet is its high density, which comprises from 200 to 400 thousand and more knots in a square meter. Thanks to high density the carpet ornament is accurate and expressive. The range of colors of the carpet is restrained and noble.

The Turkmen carpet has one more amazing quality. Not getting old with years, it acquires new features: colors become nobler and the surface becomes velvety.

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