Export of production of the medical industry "

The state enterprise "Turkmenexport" offers production of the medical industry.

Mineral water "Berzengi"

The enterprise of mineral medicinal water of Berzengi of a city of Ashkhabad, settles down 7,5 km to the south беломраморной Country capitals, in foothills of the Central Kopet Dagh. Water from this самотечного a source №1 from depth of 1 250 metres Contains in the structure многочис­ленные useful minerals. Its general mineralization М-3,2 g/dm3, temperature 36:С, рН=3,3. Water return of a source of 5 litres of water in a second. In structure минераль­ной waters "Berzengi" are available following minerals: nitrogen - 92 % from the general gases, hydrogen sulphide – 3,3-3,9 Mg/dm3, sulphates, calcium, magnesium – accordingly 83, 57, 28 экв. %. In small количе­стве contain микропри­меси: Iodine – 0,2 mg/dm3, bromine-1,1 mg/dm *, mg / zinc-10-15 дм5, manganese – 0,005 mg/dm3. From the hydrogeochemical point of view the given Water concern to лечебностоловым to mineral waters.


Medical clay and salt



Medicines of "Saglyk" (Lekarstvenye of a grass)

...As we offer on sale production of the textile industry (ready knitted products, a yarn cotton, coarse calico cotton, a cotton fabric severe Flanel, Kreton, Ranforse and many other things)

... We realise production of the chemical industry on beneficial terms (sodium sulphate, sodium chloride, chemical means for agricultural)

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