Sale of carpet products and wool

The state enterprise "Turkmenexport" offers a carpet handiwork and wool of Turkmen breeds of sheep — каракульскую and сараджинскую.

The Turkmen carpets of manual development made only from сараджинской of wool of a spring hairstyle, create the most comfortable and aesthetic conditions in premises. Products from this wool always are in demand, are useful to health and are durable.

Traditional Turkmen carpets are various the ornamental patterns, colour scale and execution technics. Turkmen carpets of handwork are subdivided on:

Carpets, basically, are developed from 0,5 to 24 sq. m. Under separate orders carpets of the big sizes by the area to 100 sq. m. and more can be developed.

Also we have honour to offer wool каракульская and сараджинская is the basic non-polluting raw materials by manufacture of a carpet yarn, kamvolno-cloth and valjalno-felt products, quilts, technical fabrics, etc. Wool non-uniform autumn (сараджинская) GOST 26588—85 Wool каракульская rough, spring GOST 26588—85 Wool camel THAT 10 0302071 01-91 Wool goat rough, non-uniform ТДС 28411—89

(The long dry summer, short winter) and various vegetation of pastures give environmental conditions of Turkmenistan to wool of the sheep who are grown up in Turkmenistan special characteristics, such as: High hygroscopicity, i.e. wool, possesses ability easily to absorb from air a moisture and to give it; Low теплопроводимость — the most valuable property of woollen products thanks to which they well protect from a cold; High durability of fibres, flexibility; Good spinning ability and валкоспособность wool.

Our production (Slider)

...As we offer on sale production of the textile industry (ready knitted products, a yarn cotton, coarse calico cotton, a cotton fabric severe Flanel, Kreton, Ranforse and many other things)

... We realise production of the chemical industry on beneficial terms (sodium sulphate, sodium chloride, chemical means for agricultural)

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